Saturday, June 17, 2017

Culture affects the learning behavior of children

Cultural background figures prominently in the portrait of the individual child. Culture relates directly to individual learning style and to the preferences and values each child holds.

Children are growing up in a country of unparalleled diversity. Many different cultures are converging and creating a nation of people, cultures, languages and attitudes.
According to study (Kagan and Masden 1972), children in many industrialize countries such as United States are more competitive and less cooperative and helpful than their age mates in less developed countries such as Mexico.

It is likely that this is because socialize children to be independent and assertive while less industrialized cultures often teach children to cooperate within the family for good of all.

Bentacourt and colleagues (2010) noted a roaming syndrome in their study of children that was considered unruly behavior in Sierra Leone, but could be considered normal Western cultures.

Culture affects the learning behavior of children

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