Thursday, August 25, 2016

Social behavior member of the society

The concept of social structure in general, or the structure of any given society, really refers to the typical behavior of members of the society.

Human behavior exhibits certain regularities which are the product of adherence to common expectations or norms. In these sense human action is ‘rule governed’. A social norm is not necessarily actual behavior and normatic behavior is not simply the most frequently occurring pattern.

If every person behaved differently and every situation were completely new and unexpected, there would be no way to predict how people will act. Thus if we are to arrive at this kind of abstraction, social behavior must be consistent.

However, there are unwritten rules that tell how to behave in various situations. They are social guidelines, a set of norms or societal standards for behavior that represents the consensus about which behaviors are acceptable and encouraged and those which are unacceptable and discouraged.

People must at pretty much the same way in similar situations, even though, technically no two sets of events are exactly the same.
Social behavior member of the society

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