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Jaguar in Mayan culture

The jaguar was supreme symbol of kings; he was master of the underworld and of war. It is the jaguar head symbol for power or rule. This was typically used in a leadership or protector role. The jaguar’s significant to the people of Tikal was represented in stone as well.

Temple I, the Temple of the Jaguar, was built with nine terraces, each representing one of the lords of the underworld.

The Maya people built a powerful empire. The ruler wanted to be as powerful as the jaguar. They wanted other people to think they were just as strong as brave as the animal. Sometimes the rulers wore jaguar fur.

Stone carving of jaguar
They also added the word ‘jaguar’ to their names. Two of the rulers were called Shield-Jaguar and Bird Jaguar.

Bird Jaguar – a Mayan warrior and leader was born in 709, He is the son of Shield Jaguar who ruled Yaxchilan when Bird Jaguar is born. Shield Jaguar rules for more than sixty years and doesn’t die until the year 742.
Jaguar in Mayan culture

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