Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tuareg people

Tuareg people used to be called 'hommes bleus' (blue people) because they lived in an immense desert and were brave and respectable people. The Tuareg were colonized by France until 1960 when Mali and Niger obtained independence.

Tuareg are believed to have originated in the central Saharan Fezzan region of present-day Libya, and some groups trace their origins back to Yemen.

The Tuareg people live in Central Sahara and on the borders with the Sahel. They called themselves Imajighen, Imoushagh or Imouhagh depending on the regions: their language is called Tamajeq, Tamasheq, or Tamaheq.

They have distinctive forms of clothing that mark them as separate from most of their neighbors in addition to marking class within the Tuareg peoples.  Tuareg men wear a large turban called a ‘tagelmust’ made of cotton cloth called ‘aleshu’ some 16 feet long, The turban is wrapped around the head in such a way as to cover the lower face on a fold that can be lifted up and down.
Tuareg people
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