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What is brideservice?

In most human societies, marriage is associated with some form of transaction which involves the transfer of resources between the parties involved in the marriage. In classic anthropological formulations, the three primary categories of marriage payments are dowry, bride-wealth, and bride service.

Brideservice denotes the service rendered to a bride’s family by the bridegroom to validate a marriage, may be seem as a subcategory of bride-wealth. Reported in native cultures of South and North America and in Africa, and found in “foraging and extensive farming systems” with “little private property or stratification”.

In the institution of brideservice the groom has to work for a time period rendering the products of his labor to the family of the bride. Such services are typically provided to the groom’s father-in-law, though the groom may also be compelled to serve other affines, such as his mother-in-law or brothers-in-law.

Brideservice can last from a few months to several years when the groom works for his parents-in-law, hunting for them, working in the fields or performing a number of other tasks like cutting wood or carrying water. During this period of service parents can observe and assess directly the working abilities of the son in-law.

The practice of brideservice allows for young women and often first- time mothers to remain in their natal community during the period in which a mother and infant might require the most assistance.

Several circumstances can occur to disrupt the traditional period of brideservice. Men often need to leave their wife's camp and return to their natal community during the first several years of marriage for a variety of reasons, including desire to visit family members or a request from the husband's family for him to return. When this occurs, the wife's family often requests that their son-in-law return at a later date to finish his service.
What is brideservice?
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