Monday, March 31, 2008

Functional Integration

Anthropologists seek to understand the structure of a society – how its institutions fit together and how each element in the structure functions to maintain the whole.

Functional integration refers to the integration of values with systems of action and it therefore involves priorities and allocations of diverse value component among proper occasion and relationships.

It is referred to the extent to which disabled and nondisabled persons were using the same functions and resources in the environment.

We sometimes speak of the “functional integration” of society because the concepts of structure and function are intertwined and interdependent.

Society is in a dynamic state to always include integration and disintegration between people. It is like a biological organism with many interconnected parts and each of which contributes something different by functioning in its own way to keep the system intact.

As an institution changes, the others react to that change and compensate for it, thereby changing themselves in the process. But all the parts remain integrated into the single unit.

The United States political system is basically democratic. The economics system is a free enterprise. Personal achievement is fostered by political freedom.

Judeo-Christian ethic stresses on hard working, saving , and achievement, where a religious person is not expected to devote all of his or her time to work hard for the sake of family and community. The person is discourage to take advantage of the economics and political freedoms of American society.

Due to this, the political ideology of democracy, the economic systems of free enterprise, and the religions ideology of Judeo-Christian ethic combine to form an integral unit centered on a basic theme.

With high level of integration, societies tend to be in a state of equilibrium; change in one part of the system brings change in other part.

If American suddenly adopted s religious outlook that stress withdrawal and prayer rather than work, or if the political system became less democratic, the free enterprise would no longer be effective and would probably be replaced by something else.
Functional Integration
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