Saturday, February 18, 2017

What is the meaning of gender role strain?

Cultural expectations regarding masculine behavior are reinforced through social forces such as family, friends, educational settings, and the media.

Efforts to give up to these ideals may result in significant stress and harmful effects when ‘rigid, sexist, or restrictive gender roles, result in personal restriction, devaluation or violation of others or self’.

This pressure to live up to gender ideals is referred to as gender role conflict or gender role strain and can result in significant stress. Gender role strain is a feeling reported by men with disabilities, such as TBI (traumatic brain injury), that they are unable to attain the lifestyle and roles of an adult man in their society.

It is a psychological state where gender roles have negative consequences or impact on a person or others.

Gender role strain describes the experience of men who perceive their internal personality traits to be congruent with personal expectations of masculinity, but who-as a result of traumatic- disability-feel denied access to male roles in the larger society.
What is the meaning of gender role strain?

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