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Role of palm wine in society

This drink has a significant role in several nutritional, medical, religious and social uses such as traditional wedding ceremonies, traditional religious ceremonies or festivals, prayers and it is good for malaria.

The palm wine trade is an important economic activity for many tropical rural areas worldwide. In some areas, palm wine holds high sociocultural and traditional values. Wine tappers often climb very tall trees with rudimentary equipment to harvest palm sap and risk severe injuries in the event of a fall.

During ancient period, people drink palm wine in early morning in empty stomach before breakfast for health benefits. Palm wine has a special place in traditional celebrations and ceremonies such as marriages, burials and settling disputes. Generally, it is a popular drink among lower income people and it is believed to be good for the health, eyesight and also serves as a sedative.

Palm wine is enjoyed at birth celebrations, at funeral wakes, and plays an integral role during traditional marriage ceremonies. It is commonly thought to be a very nourishing drink which promotes lactation, treats conjunctivitis, and improves eyesight.

In Nigeria, palm is used in traditional marriage ceremony, traditional worship, festivals such as New Yam festivals etc and for consultation with our ancestors, ancestral spirits and deities.

Palm wine is also presented to seal agreements and land transactions. Consultation and renewal of covenant with ancestral spirits is usually done with native kolanut (seed) followed by the fermented palm-wine (or sometimes its distillate, local gin). It is believed that this renews and strengthens the covenant between the living human beings and the ancestors and also brings one in atonement with the spirit world.

In some villages in Cameroon, it is still expected that a certain quota of all the wine tapped is given to the Chief of the village. The act of sharing wine with the Chief is regarded as a sign of fidelity and homage. Offering palm wine to another is a longstanding symbol of gratitude and is significant in both business and personal relationships. Village social life revolves around the palm wine kiosk and these establishments enjoy popularity analogous to European salons and cafés.
Role of palm wine in society

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